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We are bringing together great prices and unique, carefully chosen variety of products in these areas:

Wholesale of cosmetics

wholesale food

wholesale of tobacco products

wholesale food supplement


About AN Group

A business started as a wholesale in high quality Korean cosmetics soon spread into other parts of Asia and Europe. A lot of experience, liaisons with trustworthy manufacturers as well as positive feedback and demand for interesting and newly enlisted products from our clients allowed our company to expand our fields of expertise. Besides our first and esteemed area cosmetics we now can offer you tobacco products, different samples of food and supplements. All of these products were carefully chosen to make Your customer interested, intrigued and loyal to your shop. Don't we always come back when we find something that is a bit different and unique just like ourselves?

Why our clients choose us


Best prices

Working directly with manufacturers and having best practices in logistics we can offer you competitive prices. Just have a look!



Contact us and you will see that you will get a timely response and prompt suggestions in every step of the way.



We are always looking for a way to offer products in accordance with your individual business needs.


Wide range

Working with so many amazing suppliers we can offer you a wide variety of unique and popular products.


Long experience

Our team has a long and wide previous experience across the field that is why we are able to provide you with a great quality service

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